Hi My name is Madison. I have recently started taking ballet and know how hard it is to start late with no experience. I have set up this website to help people like me and let them enjoy the love for ballet.

I love to hear about your questions and stories. You can email me at freak.dance@ymail.com 

I will be regulary puting post and videos my my website. So come back often for more tips and fun! 

The idea of this website is to help people like me with prefecting the art of ballet. In the next year or so I will post information on:
-Gaining flexibility
-A healthy diet
-Attending your first dance class
-Basic ballet moves and positions
- Finding a good dance school
-Great videos books and dvds
-Getting on pointe
-Great websites
-Devices and equipments that can help your ballet
-Companies and starting a prefessional career in dance

Every few days more information will be added. Remeber all of the information on this website I have found out from dance teachers or other websites. I can not gurantee that it will work. Some of these excercises can be dangerous. Stop when you feel pain or discomfort. Only you know when it is enough

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